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Key Features

Why you should choose Elephant?

Fully Responsive Page Layouts
100% Customizable
Easy to Use
Completely Free Plugins
Built on Top of Bootstrap
Grunt and Bower
Flat and Material Design
6 Beautiful Themes (+1)
Fast and friendly support

Build tools

Gruntfile.js and Robust Workflow.

Elephant Build Tools

Elephant uses Grunt for its CSS and JavaScript build system

Over the years many developers have come up with their way of developing applications, and they expect from Elephant to be able to customise it to their needs, by changing the variables, excluding components, etc. After customization run the grunt build command and the new version with modifications will automatically be compiled under the folder /dist.

However, there is also a multitude of other developers who prefer tools such as Yeoman, and expect from such a product far more than the basics. To all these developers the Elephant offers functionality similar to the webapp generator made by Yeoman but with some additional actions.

To be more productive while working it is enough to execute the command grunt server which results in activating the Static File Server where every change made in the files is reflected automatically in real time to the browser, after having configured the option for livereload as well as browser synchronisation.

After development is completed, execute the command grunt build and all the necessary distribution files will automatically be created under the folder /dist. But this is not all.